Lizard Songs - The Best of Fukachuk Egg Machine: 1998 - 2014

by fukachuk egg machine

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An in depth retrospective of the world of fukachuk egg machine, and the mythology of the tree of reason, the lizards, and all the rest of the nonsense Blaise Kolodychuk is obsessed with. If you ever wanted somewhere to start to understand all this, and you should want to.. this is the place.


released November 28, 2014

Blaise Kolodychuk



all rights reserved


fukachuk egg machine Calgary, Alberta

An art project started in 1998, and continuing on. The story of the tree and the city and all the other things that make up life. Also quite funky at times.

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Track Name: Lizard Girl (1998)
Lizard girl

She said she walks to the hall
We know she will fall
Multi-flavored woman call
That was that and that was all
We search for a way to see
See you in my mind you see me
Inside your cat is where I hide my key
Dodge ball woman is who I be

Your shirts are all messed up
Your pants are at your house
I kept your dress my pretty pup
I saw your cats my little mouse
You made me hate the sun
Wander though an empty house
Cut your legs off, all but one
You know what I mean, cause I’m your louse

Someone said I ripped your glass
I said I love it, I love your ass
Picture your side walk
I was happy in my old class
Please give me your drain me
Lizard girl I need it
You’re the hat for my head
Sugar girl coat my shit

Lizard girl stick your head in
Lizard girl keep me up
Lizard girl and me
Lizard girl and me…
Track Name: Ice Cream (1999)
Ice cream

Every day I see you
Start to make me pretty sick
Always walking around like you know where you’re going
And it’s sweet that it’s your trick
Oceans make me want to swim
They make me want to go and sing
About the dogs fighting in the field that we don’t understand
Caught up to my bus last night
Got to admit I was a witness to a fight
Poor little boy he was beat to death
By a crazy rabbit and his mother
And those oceans make me wanna swim
Make me wanna sing about the things
That make you wanna kill each other when you’re so damn happy
Walking over to my tricycle
Gonna take a little ride
I saw you on the corner
Maybe I did and it’s kind of sad that you died
Baby saw me walking to the house
Everybody said something to you
It’s interesting the way the sun goes up
In the middle of the afternoon
The oceans make me scream
Make me seem like I’m a dream
I don’t care what you think
Don’t care don’t care, just wanna eat your ice cream
He rolled right up and he honked his horn
Played his song it went on too damn long
We went up we got ourselves a scoop
Didn’t tell anyone when we became ripples
Don’t wanna eat your ice cream
Track Name: Never Got Done (1999)
Never got done

I never thought it would come to this
I feel so pissed, don’t know which way is up
Gonna suck everything that you know
I can’t stand it any more, I’m gonna go, my brain is rot
Don’t know why I was caught
Don’t really care about that cuz you know it’s too bad now
It never got done
And I missed my fun
You know that all I wanted is gone
You took it away its gone too long
You know that that’s the way I hate it
I hate you, I never thought I’d feel this way
Now I’m gonna take it out today
Cuz I don’t wanna feel like this no more
Never stop looking under my bed
You know its all in my head
And it never got done
And I missed my fun
Never thought I would stop feeling sick
And I won’t you know that it never happens now
Never wanna go down never wanna see around
Never wanna stop talking about the creepy old clown
You know its all I need to go on
I know that I should eat more fruit
But I can’t now, I’m too addicted to you
You now that I’m not gonna stop
Till I’m dead no matter if I’m caught
And it never got done
And I missed my fun
Never thought I’d hate this much
Never thought I’d have a crutch
And you know where it is
You see it, if you look hard enough you’ll feel it
Don’t care about you, don’t care about that
Don’t care about the fluffy old cat
Don’t care about anything never will it stop
Never will I stop thinking oh no.
Never got done
I hate you I hate everything you do
Can’t stop eating glue, don’t know what to do
You see me on the street
I duck down hide can’t be seen by you
Or you, and we meet, and I don’t care about that
And you know that is the way its at
And it never got done
Never wanted to hate and I missed my fun
It never got done
And I missed my fun
Never wanted to hate
Never wanted to kill
Cuz that’s my brain and that’s the way I feel
Always wanna pick it up take it slam it on the floor
You don’t know that I want any more
Can’t stop there, never gonna have enough
You know that’s the way I never thought I’d be
I don’t like it
It never got done
Make it stop in my head
You never know how much I wanna be dead
And it never got done
And I missed my fun
I’m a god you know
That’s the way it’s gonna go
That’s the way I’m gonna go
And I never thought I’d hate this much
And the creepy old bastards on the bus
Track Name: Like The Way You Walk (1999)
I like the way you walk

You walk around like a cat underground
Toothpaste smile your smokes extra mild
You swing around with this frying pan
The goat girl has had enough
You smell like polish dishes smashed by the fire
You walk like a rock with the key that won’t lock
You are the eater of another girl’s sweat
All I ever did was smile and bet
You smell like plastic you read like Cain
You sing the tune and you sift through my brain
Track Name: Stilt Man (2000)
Stilt Man

Like a garden gnome
She came home
With a smile so bright
It lit up the night
She asked the sticks just what they meant
And the change in the cat has all been spent
Home from labour and all rings daisy
And the next door neighbour thinks she’s crazy
But the animal trainer gave her up
To the man on the stilts,
Who raised her up.
And he liked to play with babies
And then they had one
But the stilt man didn’t like him
And he bought him a gun
And baby took a bath
But she couldn’t get clean
And the buckets of swallows
Were all in her dream
And the upside-down tigers
Who never like the show
Showed up to the door
And the stilt man had to go
So here’s the little girl
Who is free from all her eggs
She gets home so happy
That she cut up all her legs
And the smile is always present
And so is all the blood
But the stilt man’s in the tigers
Cuz he did all that he could.
Track Name: Boarder Menu (2000)
Boarder Menu

I love you my dearest
So where did you go
I sat here waiting months
And cancelled my show
Stumble up the walk way
He wore his finest dress
And the three way streets of marble
Were all so damn impressed
I smell something
That is like an old dream
And my coffee mate is mouldy
And I stopped taking cream
We sat in red shadows
We gave up all my past
The menu is at the boarder
The strobe light doesn’t last
And all I need is a reason
To waste my life waiting for a backward answer
And all I want is an underground home
With a television and horticultural cancer
The rain falls fast and cold on you
I don’t think that there’s anything you could do
I feel like a part of a dream
A dream you never had
And I’m swimming in your bleach
And I know your going mad
Track Name: Flash Bulbs (2000)
Flash Bulbs

You see the people on the stage you know they are dancing just for you,
you see the faces in the crowd you forgot just what you should do.
I know it’s hard for you, I know it’s hell for you.
Give me your self-esteem I’m the one who’ll scrub you clean.
You know I’m here for all you see, and I will give you everything you’ll be.
The dancers stare at you, the eyes they burn through you.
And the flash bulbs flicker away, and you know you’re not gonna stay.
I ran as fast as you could crawl, I chased you in to the stair.
Never did your house look so old.
I know a dusty town, I know a circus there.
But all the streets are gone.
It’s all just dripping away, and there’s nothing more to my head.
Broken eggs all over the floor, and no mop could clean it all.
For an anniversary I gave you a bowl.
Fish and birds conceive children that you will never meet.
Forget all you said to me, and pardon the mess, I like my past.
There was some literature that I read once, it said something about the sun.
it disappeared one day and made way for new thoughts.
He wiped off his bare feet and put them where they would be safe.
I never really knew that girl, and wrapped electrical tape around her breasts.
And the flash bulbs flicker away, and that’s the smell that’s not going to stay.
Chopped up screws and a wire in my head.
Flash bulbs exploding until I’m dead.
Track Name: Dark City (2000)
Dark City

I don’t know why I woke up this morning,
and the sky is always gray.
I don’t wanna believe I’m human,
today is the same old day.
I don’t think I have a future, and I’m forced to forget my past.
The monotony is like breakfast,
and the lake is burning fast.
I’m sick of being sick, I’m sick of all the dark.
I drink to stop my mind, she’ll never leave her mark.
She fell out of her tree, and shoved her fist though me.
She drank up all her tea, removed her eyes so she can’t see.
She stumbled around my dark city.
And I can see you now and the strap around your neck.
And I can be just how you want me to stay.
And I can stop myself, and I can feel your mouth.
And I won’t say how you did all you could do to stop me.
Track Name: Wire Woman (2001)
Wire Woman

I’m gonna lock it down.
Chain it to a home made raft.
Kick it in the river full of blood and teeth.
It will sink to the bottom and stay,
she laughed. I need no explanation, not any more,
every thing you wrote is propaganda
and it’s thick and I love it,
and I need it, to get myself back up.
I opened my eyes in a boutique.
And bought you the short black wig.
And you gave it to the wire woman,
and you danced with Victorian pigs.
But it’s still all at the bottom.
Being eaten by vampire fish.
I sat naked with the plaster face.
Nailed my hands to feet and wished.
If you make that face too long, she said,
you will stay like that forever.
So I made it as long as I could
and dress the wires up in leather.
Because the wire woman,
spat up teeth and chunks of meat.
All cradled up in a leather corset.
Her hand are nailed to feet.
She cried for it for half a month,
she wished it to come back.
I spun around with nursery rhymes,
and lived within my back pack.
Track Name: Pails (2001)

I don’t know what day it is,
we spin our bodies on these nail,
the numbing flow of blood,
softly drips in to these pails.
I carry them all day long I never spill a drop.
Like rusted bodies on my stairs,
my walking never stopped.
I stop to rinse my velvet leggings,
I slide across your door.
I see you hammered across my street begging me for more.
I slept a thousand catnaps,
slung dreams across your back.
I need that sticky cloth to clean out my empty sack.
Never did the pails of mine ever dare to run dry.
I gave it to someone, someone who looked like me.
And I never spilt a drop, and you never washed me clean.
And I forgave you for knowing and stretched your face out wide.
Tear strips out of my back and gave up till I died.
Pale skinned girl flash velvet,
nocturnal bliss.
I forever melt your eyeballs,
forever eat your kiss.
Track Name: Jenny Was (2002)
Jenny was

Jenny was just a girl,
she didn’t like this world.
Jenny say she’s okay,
but we know it’s not that way.
Jenny won’t come to me,
cuz I just couldn’t see,
Jenny went to marble street,
but there was nothing there for her.
Jenny was taken away,
she won’t come home today,
Jenny was in the wall,
Jenny was very small.
I’m not sure what she did there,
I’m sure it was nothing that hurt you.
Jenny was taken away,
I know that I should say goodbye.
Jenny saw what you couldn’t see,
then she was taken away from me.
You never know if she was right,
there’s always things in the middle of the night.
And way up on the hill,
I’m not gonna take my pills,
the clouds will rain on my head,
I promise you, is what she said.
And Jenny say that it’s okay,
she wasn’t listening anyway.
And Jenny say that it’s nice here,
there is no people so there is no mirrors.
Jenny was taken away,
and she was happy that you could say,
that you never missed her anyway,
and the people you know are the same.
Jenny sings me a song,
and it was perfect, nothing wrong,
Jenny was showing why,
it’s okay if no one cries.
Jenny was taken away.
You know that it’s okay now,
everything is perfect and you know how,
and Jenny sings a song for me.
Track Name: Boneless (2003)

And the rain will stop soon
And this day will end too
And we’re dripping with water and spinning in puddles
And I have never needed it more than today
When you have gone away
With nothing to say
And my bag is my kingdom
But I’m not the king
I’m useless and bloody
And a wreck of a mess
One last time to say it
And you walk away
One last day to be here
But you know I can’t stay
I’m losing your battle
And I can’t stand up
And when I first started
I was given one cup
And I used it forever
And today forever ends
And I’m crooked and nothing
And I’m no one’s friend
I smash up my knees
And loose all my sight
And the rain is dying
And so is the night
Now I’m beaten and covered
In everyone’s blood
In a white room with nothing
Boots covered in mud
It’s time for surgery
To fix all my faults
They will take me, create me,
And make me their own
Slice down my chest
No anesthetic you say
My insides are out
On a rainless godless day
It takes forever
And now forever ends
With me on the table
I’m less than a man
And this is what you need
To keep me alive
No rain and no me
And nothing inside
I feel me going paler
And there’s nothing to do
And there’s nothing for me
When there’s nothing for you.
Track Name: Zombie Boy (2003)
Zombie boy

I don’t think I can stand
To look at another human again
They smell so bitter sickly sweet
I used to live on the street
Taken away and bound up tight
Lick your eyes in the middle of the night
Freshly shaven lunar girl plays kick the can
In my world
He lives in a car and eats tofu
Now here is what she’s gonna do
Start up fires in your world
Hate the way you tell me to
Read that box of cracker jacks
I’ll do what you tell me to do
You’re dripping all over my floor
Tie you up and you’re dripping more
I love you when you talk to me
I’ve given up on every thing
Kiss my hair and go to sleep
Jenny’s softly counting sheep
It’s the end for me tonight
Zombie boy is just out side
Spinning gold with baby’s heads
Selling all my kids for bread.
Track Name: Three Sticks (2004)
Three sticks

And I don’t know what to do
and I see them always with you
child like and full of joy
you treat me like a broken toy
and everything you say is a lie
and everyday you make me die
and all the time I’m worried sick
and all the time I see three sticks
and you took away my heart
and you tore me apart
and nothing will change my mind
it’s ending for the last time
I hate what you’re doing now
there’s nothing that I should send
I hate what you’re doing now
I that tonight you would end
and now I’m praying that you die
praying that you would lose both your eyes
praying for you to hurry down
praying for me to leave this town
oh god
you’re breaking apart my life
you’re stealing away my life
you’re burning down my life
and nothing will let this end.
Track Name: This Nothing (2004)
This Nothing

And I can feel it falling
when it is far too late
I see your face again
and nothing stops my hate
but you and what you’re doing
is all I ever needed
and I’m feeling like I’m melting
like I’m burning up inside
I need you like I’m dying
like I’m losing everything
I need you like forever
I’m praying for you now
I wish that you are fine
and feeling like you’re mine
and lying to everyone
about what I’m really doing
over and over again
nothing ever stops
and it will never end
and I wish it never would
I’m screaming on my inside
and screaming for your love
like leather straps around my neck
stopping my last breath
please stop what you are doing
I can’t stand what’s going on
just come to me tonight
just tell me I’m not wrong
I could hold you for forever
and swallow you up whole
and save you for myself
and never let you go
I pray that this will end one day
and beg you for forgiveness
but it’s never going to end one day
and I’ll never want it to
you are what I must do
and I love you
and it’s all true
and you are all that I need
and I will bleed
just to keep you
you are so beautiful
you’re in my soul
it’s what you do
and you are what I must do
and it’s the end for me and you
just try to make me stop
it’s never going to work
it’s never going to happen
it’s never going to work
and I will wait for the rest of my life
and I will wait for nothing
nothing will ever save me
save me from this nothing.
Track Name: Ghost Town Love Song (2004)
ghost town love song

And I will search for some way to cleanse
Myself of this and fall in to you hands

I love you when you are mine
Sleep in a home made wind chime
Wait for the fallout
Never ask for any thing more

Put on my best pair of cotton blend gloves
And fix the things that matter most
When we swim in oceans we
Have fish kissing our toes

And I will find some small wax beads
When you decide to get on your knees

Tie a bag around your waist
And give you my last cheque
Send you off to my favorite place
You build for me a special space

Toggle switch on your back
Knowing that it’s always on
Fashion legs from piles of cans
Mechanical men in a three piece bands

Track Name: Gilbert Town (2005)
gilbert town

this is the last time I’ll ever see this place with a broken down aquarium and a broken down face fall over from the weight of my bags broken ankle and broken mouth waiting for the last train home gilbert town is way down south Bag is heavy and full of fish and fish have bags all full of mice mice hid walnuts in their cheeks and you're a walnut in my pocket Gilbert town I ride my bike to the corner store on bunny circle soda pop is there for you wishing that i couldn't die wishing that there was more pie and wishing that I had your eyes and feeling like you lost my mind and knowing that we're out of time. I softly pluck out all your hairs replace them with some geese and bears and wreck your eyes for all of time hold your knees while i decline he was listening to the tv theme forgetting all the things he dreamed and wiped his mouth of salt and rice felt like dreaming about going home walking past the raspberry bush picking them off with my last tooth falling down on broken glass bandaged up in broken towns it's just like winter when you are gone feel my senses going numb bundled up in grass and leaves and maybe tomorrow i will stay And the ground don't know how much you kick it it lets you do it and it just loves it and we can't talk to each other when we lost our mouths Flavored kisses in a tunnel train ride west and slightly south I'll tell you when it's time to leave in 20 days when i feel fine locked up in a strong man's tent stepping slowly on the lines
Track Name: Bathtub Full Of Lilies (2005)
bathtub full of lilies

you should be locked in a bathtub full of lilies the room on fire but you are covered in water falling out a window in the middle of summer you smell geraniums when you adored me
Track Name: Soup Story (2005)
Soup Story

He is walking along
And he has 37 legs
He is walking along
And he tells you tales about the old days
He’s the man with the big black coat
And he’s sitting in your garden
He’s the man with the secret agenda
That specifies your birthday

Oh god, please sit down

He was a sailor
He was on a very big boat
And when I thought he’d save her
He came home instead

Feeding me soup

Eye eye eye eye eye eye eye eye
He’s got the most perfect eyes
Track Name: The Car At The Bottom Of The River (2005)
The Car At The Bottom Of The River

I have taken off my shoes to sit with you
and I have taken off all my hair
when nothing is an octopus I fall down on my knees
and beg you please please please let my live in my car

there is a gas powered lamp for me
so when I want to read I can see
and nothing seems to look like it once did
when I can't be afraid in side of my car

rub some meat all over the doors
and wait for the dogs to come to me
their meals will never ever be far
when I am sleeping in the back of my car
Track Name: Vaporize (2005)

I would gladly pour out my eyes
and never have to see anything again
and never have to be this thing you made
and never have to be anything again

I would slowly vaporize
in to the air after you died
I would never want you to
have to do anything for you

I have bought myself a ticket
to take the train across the lake
and I have saved up every cent
just so I could play this game with you

and I will read the last page first
and tell the world that it's a lie
and I wish that I could send
myself a way for another day

I only wish that you could see what lives inside
I only wish that you could blame someone for all these days
I only wish that you could be my home
I only wish that I could get myself to go
Track Name: Idra (2006)

I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world

She is walking to her corner
Walking to her corner
Walking she’s alone now
She’s alone

And no one ever loved Idra before
And no one ever saw Idra before
And no one sees Idra at home
And no one sees Idra alone
And no one ever noticed
And no one ever noticed

I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
It’s the truth

Why won’t simon love me
Why won’t simon love her
And why does simon love me
And simon sees me
See me
See me
See me Simon

And when you face hits the wall it tastes like valentines
And when your body leaves your skull it tastes like valentines
And when your simon helps you fall it tastes like valentines
And when you nothing any more it tastes like valentines day

it tastes like valentines day
it tastes like valentines day
it tastes like valentines day
it tastes like valentines day

I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
I am the prettiest girl in the world
Track Name: Sister Ledge (2006)
sister ledge there is a row of cocktail skirts that never got the chance I wandered in to your back room And spilt coffee on your pants Looking down from sister ledge Off boxes of your diaries I felt compelled to clean your face With nothing but your hair And I will start with your toes and I will go all the way up my dear And you’ll be the cleanest girl I’ve seen all year I can taste you all the way All the way to the stars
Track Name: I Will Feed You My Eyes (2007)
I will feed you my eyes

Drainage inside this
Feeling some fish
Liking all this
We may never

I stuffed up holes today
Falling down on top of you
Cleaning out a dresser drawer
I found something new

I am happy to say
That this dust has all gone away
Holding on to something like you
As proven everyone wrong again and again.

And mary kettle drown last night
In a box with little light
And the whole world thinks that this is a lie
But I assure you that I will try

I will feed you my eyes

I have successfully entered here
Fearing that you might try to move
And rented myself a top rate room
I give away all that was clean
And I will dream again for this
And hold your hands under a bridge
While I can only change one thing
This thing is hiding till the end.

I will feed you my eyes

Something stops me from this nothing
Waiting longer than I should have
All is falling to a bottom
That we fished for in a million

Sidewalk walking from a circus
To the tent where you will see this
Places with these shining towers
I will see it end in hours
Track Name: Monument (2007)

Catch a dragonfly in my mouth and pour some salt along these windows
Smell the wood that this is made from and park myself along the highway
I can’ stop looking for this necklace, I swear to god I dropped it here
Inside the pile of rocks and branches I can’t disguise the things I fear

Hung a baby from a tree top made the people stop and stare
No one wanted any of this no one seemed to really care
And the moon would rise and ask for all this
They are went back home to cry
The people that were washing my hands were the people who I built inside

And why did jenny have to do this, why did jenny have to die
And a Styrofoam monument from someone like her is sitting on the tracks tonight
I can’t seem to stop myself
I can not even seem to start to put these pieces back in your mouth
All we ever need is there

She said to me her face gets dirty when she placed it in the mud
She said to me that this won’t happen not here or ever or any time
She said to me she can’t get dirty, she doesn’t want the rocks beside her ears
She’s wearing clothes that cost some money and this is why she won’t come here

I don’t have the time I used to to pour the punch around your glass
And sometimes I would take you and clean your face and mouth and back
Taste it taste it feels like Monday and every day when you are lost
Don’t stop these things tonight my lovely.. it never should have even paused

I place the wheels on someone’s car and place your breath inside my hands
It’s time I took you somewhere better somewhere where the sticks have fell
I step inside a mouth that’s large enough to see my eyes
And roll you up in sugar my sugar girl will both my eyes.
Track Name: Tight (2007)

I am sweeping this hallway tonight
I am getting out all this dust
And there is nothing left in this jar
And I am alone on top of here
I can not possibly fit into this
It feels so tight that I can’t breathe
Track Name: Beast (2008)

I have my eyes closed
while touching things inside me
you see that its a circus
inside the train that drives us

my right hand is hidden
waiting for a moment
to find its way beside this
and feel around behind this

plastic bag is filled with cotton
please go ahead and take some
and plug up every thing
before I change my mind

I'm too scared to call them
but not too scared to call you
when we know I should be sleeping
and fixing all that I do.

fabric over fists
these pills will make your mouth dry
I promise you I'll stop soon
and go on with your story.

and she looks at me
like I'm a beast
when all I did was blame you
for the things that I do years ago.
I promise you I'll stop soon
and go on with this story
she looks at me like I'm a beast

I saw you in those folded sheets
inside my head
inside my head you are all red
I thought that poor girl, well
she must be dead
sleeping in the evening without a bed
I shook you and woke you
hoped for you to come
I begged you to just speak again
It might be
one two three and four
I know that I will never see the door
Sailing down the river on a man filled with eggs
begging me to come
I know that I've got no legs
I cry a little bit inside my bag
She knows that this is where its at

And she looks at me
like I'm a beast
Track Name: Mix It With Milk (2008)
Mix it with milk

Beaching all the things I’m told to cross away the bridge upstairs
And I threw down pieces of this boat to milk it all again
Feeling something wet outside that sometimes lets me fall asleep
And push it under cloth again to find a secret wishing well
I found a clock with human wings that I can mix with milk
I can not scream like this no more when she might go to sleep
Cans are piled up at my door and so are broken rocks
I set alarms for the wrong time and put holes in your socks
Hands on the homemade board
With something painted like your hair
Push it down a buttered hill
And whisper secrets at the fair.
Track Name: The End of Things (2008)
The end of things

Feet are at the end of things
That look at moons inside of cars
I feel like it’s the end of things
That might have never been apart
You are on top of things
And looking up is falling down
We trapped a bear inside a box
And painted him like circus clowns
I scraped my knee while catching you
Wound licked clean and clean and clean
I stopped her from cutting down
And slept in you tonight
Track Name: The Dogs Have Given Up (2008)
The dogs have given up

she is falling on the sidewalk
grease paint smear face
licking up the tidal waves
picking up the elastic bands
box your self in to a corner
thinking you are all alone
I slip my teeth inside your cheeks
And run away when you get here
Scale the walls of this contraption
Insert coins to wake you up
And there’s no slicing in my tent
When the dogs have given up
Track Name: A Million Million Million Years (2009)
A Million Million Million Years

Eyes are sweating in this head
I don’t know if I’ll stay in bed
And she is walking up this street
She doesn’t know who she will meet
Waiting for the answer now
And writing plans inside the moon
And if I see another star
I promise it will be too soon
Form my words with minimum thought
And slice down these walls again
Form my words with minimum thought
And sacrifice these bodies again
And if it should get too loud
I fear I mi8ght just walk away
And if it might have no sound
I fear I might just walk again
And was it Jenny who once told me
That everything will always pass
Inside this hall with echoing
Is where I hear this last
Quiet down and think for me
It makes you seem like an animal
Who’s been locked up in this box
For a million million million years.
Track Name: Passageway (2009)

Sitting by the pocket bench
waiting for the perfect day
to start all over and over again
just like it was in the rain

I saw you far too many times today
for you to be something that really exists
my head is so full of feeling this
that it is almost time

my finger tips are not my own
inside the clock I live and kiss
and wrap up presents under moon
and sneak inside of all your books

I saw you far too many times today
for anything that I feel to really exist
my body is somewhere that I never seen
and it is almost time

the sidewalks here are made of wood
and underneath the library
that no one ever knew was there
is stocked with things you wrote about
and in the back is a secret room
that holds the things you found while you
were camping outside at the beach
when your body slept in someone's bed.
Track Name: Tunnel Mouse (2009)
Tunnel Mouse

Crawling down the tunnel that will lead us underground
She stops just for a moment to tie back all her hair
She doesn't have a family she doesn't have a home
So down the purple tunnel is where this girl must go
Where the tunnel started was in the boiler room up stairs
She heard a mouse make sound and went straight in to there
She found a box of comics and a bag from someone's house
Things from an old aquarium that no one heard about
She pressed her lips against the mirror under the stairs
And pretended like it wasn't her who was there
And underneath a painting of a man she didn't know
She found a narrow hole and decided she should go
She had a banana in the pocket of her coat
And after several hours it was time to eat some fruit
She brought with some magazine that were upstairs
And a bag of elastic bands and something made of plastic
She didn't know where this would lead her
But she didn't care
Inside the purple tunnel is where she met the mouse
He said to this girl 'my dear, you are so far from home'
She picked up the mouse and made a wish and kissed his head

One two three, let’s go.
One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve.
Track Name: Pink (2009)

She`s just small
She didn`t need that and she doesn`t need this
And she can`t have that and she can`t have this
And all I can give you is something I miss
Please have all the things in the world
Please take everything that they can imagine
Follow these people out the door
Because if you stay here you might just break
They can give you all the things that they can
They mean so well that I can`t seem to think
I can save you for a day or two
But I can`t seem to paint this house pink
And she can`t have the things that we`re coming from
But where we`re going is a place I can`t think about
And if I knew how to say these words
I would paint the whole world pink for you
They are coming to pick you up now. No.
They just called, they will be here soon. No.
I`m sorry. You have to come with me this time.
I`m not allowed to. No.
I`m sorry. I don`t want to go.
I`m sorry. What about my chocolate
They will let you bring it. I don`t want to go.
I`m sorry. I love you.
Into the mine shaft down you go
I swore I’d never do it
But I had no choice.
I love you, I’m sorry.
Track Name: Festival (2009)
Tiny hands inside my chest
Ripping out the spoiled parts
Lighting fires under this
Peel away the broken glass
I don`t feed like all the dogs
Scaring you inside these walls
Put together last night`s walk
Watching trees inside these walls
Sleep with me i`m begging you
There`s nothing I can think to do
Crack my knuckles down on you
I can use you all these years
Fetching wires for my throat
Dress you up for the crowds
You are a festival.
Track Name: Honey Cradle (2009)
Honey Cradle

Sitting on the box and rocks are underneath my feet
And rocks are slipping through my toes
And things are slipping through me head
We climbed up the outside ladder
To the top of the school
Where everything was dripping
With the liquid from these stories
And sleeping under moons
That we made out of cardboard
When all the things I asked for
Were sold in the papers
Pulling out the threads
In the clothes that we made her
So we can tie this up
And hang it from the chimney
We light a little fire
That will smoke out all the rodents
Who fled the room in terror
When all I ever wanted was to meet you in the theater.
Latching on to backdrops that we found in the cupboard
Filled with ancient clothing
That we wear to the dinners
And plugging up the holes where we might have escaped from
And gag myself with chocolate
Until this has passed.
Filling jars with the rocks
That you found in my shoes
And selling them for money
That we used to buy food
I slept in a cradle
Made out of honey
And made out of strings made from dragonflies
That write down all the rules
Track Name: Return Of The Lizard Girl (2009)
Return Of The Lizard Girl

Here she comes
And here she comes
Like I never mother fucking seen her come before
And she’s coming right down that hill again
And I don't have a pill I can take to make this go away

She comes right down and she takes off her cloak
And she puts it in the belly of the flower on the mountain
Oh my god she's naked again
And she takes the flower and she puts it in her mouth
And here she comes
She mother fucking comes like I never sheen her come before

She’s digging in the dirt
I don't know what she's looking for
What's she looking for?
Something more to give you
And I know that I seen it in her eye
When I knew it was time for me to die
And here she comes and she’s back again
And I don't know what I’m gonna do with my veins
And they're pumping all around like I never seen this town before

And he’s been sitting in a basement for a week and a day and a life time
Just praying to the gods above
And he’s fixing all the machines
That will take him
Take him away from everything that she does
Here she comes and she’s coming down the hill
And she mother fucking comes again

And I never seen a girl like her before
And I’ll never seen one again
When she walks like she walks like a monster
Walking down these streets
And she looks at the green man
And she looks him in the eye
And she said you gotta leave

Here she comes
And she comes again
And she mother fucking comes and comes
And I don't know when but it's coming again
And I seen the rain clouds open up
They drenched that girl right down to the bone
And she smiled she said that’s enough

And she walked right down right past the sticks
And she said this shit ain't good for you
And I had to believe everything she said
And I don't think that its gonna be said again

And here she comes and she comes straight down
And she mother fucking comes again
And she comes like no woman I ever seen
And I don't think I’ll see it again.
Track Name: House (2011)

Little speck is on the bed
Little speck is on the floor
Little speck is blending in
No where that i have been

I am a mother fucking house
Not a metaphor for a fucking house
I am a mother fucking house
People sleep in me
People sleep in me

Little speck is on her back
Counting stars and doing maths
Cleaning house and painting stairs
Flowing in and out of there

I am a mother fucking house
Not a metaphor for a fucking house
I am a mother fucking house
People sleep in me
People sleep in me

Little speck getting loved
Clean my arms in the tub
Making up the stories there
Drawing diagrams to understand

Little speck is sewing clothes
For all the people far too small
Set them up at the tables
Baking cake in the morning

I am a mother fucking house
Not a metaphor for a fucking house
I am a mother fucking house
People sleep in me
People sleep in me
Track Name: Hello Mademoiselle Lizard (2011)
Hello mademoiselle lizard

Like a silky smooth reptile
She glides across this room
She might be an ugly woman
But she might be as beautiful as the moon

Hello mademoiselle lizard
You are looking very nice
I see you've come to warm my bones
And put my mind at ease
It's all very kind I’m sure
Though you must know outside there is a world

Well she mixes her spit with the captain's gin
Mixes her looks with the sun
She's as fast as 200 elephants out there on the run

And I said:
Hello mademoiselle lizard
You are looking very nice
I see you've come to warm my bones
And put my mind at ease
It's all very kind I’m sure
Though you must know outside there is a world
And it needs you, but thank you for stopping by
Track Name: Green Grass (2012)
Green grass

Different layers fit between

My thumb and all the things I see

And flapping wings and breathing smile

Today is such a massive day

And every day is a massive day

And every day I hope you say

That I have been the best I can

When all the things inside my hand

Are falling down beside my thumb

I keep on telling you I’m dumb

When all the cats inside this town

Follow chocolate mice around

I keep having to introduce myself

To people that don't exist

The colours are too bright today

There's ten million things that I have missed

I swallow down this food you gave me

Thinking that I’ve had enough

And walk around inside your veins

And pout my lips to show I care

Eat it all and be alright

And be the right shape every night

Click the clock into the time

When all the people fit this place

She stole your milk

And made you cry

But you stitched together

All your clothes
Track Name: Jungle Shoes (2013)
Jungle Shoes

there is a pile of human mucky stuff imbedded in a willow creek
just outside the town we live inside the teeth in baby's cheeks
sample some he says to you inside his parent's car
it's here for free it's here for you now wish upon this star
and here you are and here with this we wait till lunch today
there's 50 reasons why you should run and 50 you should stay

it's like a jungle in her shoes she said without her mouth
i've given you some seeds to plan if you would just let me out
and please escape i said again while tethered to her legs
go find the oceans and the trees while i remain awake
i'll decorate this box for you for when you come back home
you'll be fine inside my mind while I talk too slow
Track Name: Monkey Bars (2014)
Monkey Bars

I walk in your houses
and put your things in my pockets
and never tell you that
i completely understand
i draw circles in your palms
and walk on my toes
grip tightly your stories
and sleep with your clothes

10, 20, 30, 40
Step foot Step Foot Right
Step foot step foot Left

i'll stop as much as i can
and chase down these paper ghosts
filling up these envelopes
with gifts to my favourite
i'll fall deep in your wrinkles
and build a room to keep things
that were left on my doorstep
play with me forever
and i will never let go
of the things that make sense
like crawl space infinity
and when you invented this dance.
Track Name: Boxing Match (2014)
Boxing Match

a telescope was pointed at the moon
and she was sitting on a swing in the room
i cared so much if people saw it
that i put it in a bread bag

closed the top when people started
to forget the things we had
fluorescent lights are a bad idea
in schools and shopping malls

snap your fingers for these people
piles of books and feathers
i guessed her age
i weighed myself
and watched a boxing match

i flew a plane
and i knit a scarf
and i put your diaries in a stack
\i never knew how much i knew
until she came to town
she drew the lines on the road
and never made a sound
Track Name: Maybe Thats The Reason Why (2009)
Maybe That’s The Reason

And maybe that’s the reason why
And maybe I don't need to die
And maybe it's above my head
And maybe it is what she said
And there's a hole under my feet
From uprooted people from my street
And this is something just for you
You smell of spices and of smoke
I never met your hands before
I seen a lot of things out there
Pile up things and hand them out
And talk to people in my mouth
You tell the truth with your lies
And cream is dripping down your thighs
And maybe that’s the reason why
I never found it without you
Inside my veins and flowing through
I never found it without you
Peeling labels off these jars
And learning how to drive these cars
And painting on the rusty tin
I don't know where else to begin
Folding paper taped up tight
Just like I was almost every night
I feel you from a thousand miles
I'm shelled and salted and feeling blistered
And the paper cuts are filled with me
And the paper cuts won't let me be
Sitting on the floor with you
And eating leaves and making soup
I will never stop because it's old
I will never be the things I told you
I'll build the room with curtained walls
And see what happens in the fall
I tapped the tree and filled my shoe
With tea and honey and liquid you
It's hot and smells like christmas time
When maybe things are always fine…